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How Working This Business Part-Time Helped Us

"How badly is it burned?"

That's what I asked the seller when they responded to the postcard we sent in an attempt to buy their vacant house that we spotted while driving for dollars. The house had been vacant for almost a year because of a fire that had started in the bathroom. The place. looked. horrible. The fire burned through the roof above the bathroom and had smoke and water damage throughout the rest of it.

Had we not had a mentor, I probably would not have made an offer to buy the house. The fear of making a mistake about what would have to be replaced and what could be saved (if anything at all) and what all of it would cost, would have kept me from doing anything other than worry. Long story short: We ended up buying the house, and went on to make $25,000 on the deal. Yep, you read that right.

So how did we swing the deal to work with that mentor? Pay close attention because this is so simple, but not easy. The secret was that we took action without being told to do so.

The reason many people aren't able to find an experienced local investor to take them seriously is because the mentor can tell when someone wants to be held by the hand and walked through everything step by step. Start taking action, get out of your comfort zone and get the phone ringing. If you get a seller interested in selling a house, you will get the attention of the experienced local investors immediately. That's the secret. It's so simple, just not easy.

Consider this from their perspective. Why would they want to train their competition? What's in it for them to babysit you and do the work for you? They want to make money. Help them make money. Even though most people will say they are willing to do the work… that’s just not the truth, and an experienced investor will know that. So, next time you say you are willing to do the work, understand that if you haven't done it yet, they will assume you aren't really willing to do the work.

We didn't ask how to find deals. We didn't ask what to put on our postcards. We didn't ask what to say to people that called us from our marketing. We didn't ask our mentor any of these things that we could learn by researching on the internet and from cheap courses on how to flip houses.

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