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How To Really Learn What You Don't Know About Flipping Houses

Just got back from vacation and put together this video for you about how to really learn what you might not yet know about flipping houses. You can spend an eternity reading blogs and forums to gain knowledge about how flipping houses works, but most won't be retained because it's not being used.

You can't expect to learn everything and become an expert before you ever start to take action. Taking action is necessary to become an expert.

Let that really sink in.

Don't concern yourself so much with trying to fully understand every single detail and get prepared for any conceivable situation before ever actually doing something with your knowledge. That's impossible.

Start with baby steps. Start from the beginning and make a goal to do something small and move on from there. I guarantee you will learn so much more and retain so much more. Besides, you'll start to feel like you are already becoming an investor.

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