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How to Use a Website to Generate Leads for Your Real Estate Investing Business

A question we get asked a lot is, “Where the heck are you finding all of these deals?? The answer is both simple and complex: A WEBSITE!! I've used a website to generate thousands of motivated seller leads over the last 16 years. The first site I created was awful!!! It was completely corporate and was nearly impossible to read. Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

"We provide solutions to maximize your chances of a successful outcome to your real estate related problems. We have the skills and background to navigate the complex real estate market and all of its intricacies. Prestige worldwide."

LOL. What a bunch of crap! It's no wonder that the site didn't do well. After a couple of years (way too long, I know) I switched to a more personal site.

Here are some of the changes I made:

  • Changed the domain to DannyBuysHouses.com
  • Added my name and phone number throughout the site
  • Put a picture of myself and my wife on the home page
  • Changed the wording to answer common questions people had, and to be more conversational
  • Changed the wording to be much more search engine friendly
  • Coded the "behind the scenes" parts of the site to be more search engine friendly
  • Modified the form submission to include two separate forms (more on this below!)
  • Included testimonials/reviews from people I've bought houses from
  • Targeted the right keywords so that the site would be found by motivated sellers

These changes dramatically changed the amount of traffic I was getting from my website and the number of leads I was getting from the website.

Check out our training, Seller Lead Hacks, where I go into greater detail about why you need an investor website and the major shift to online lead generation happening in the industry right now.

I want to expand a little on the modified form submission changes that I made because that is what really helped to encourage people to submit their information to my website, and what gave me the information I needed to better determine their level of motivation.

What I did was made it so that the form on the main page only had fields for their name, phone number, email and the property address. When the seller submitted that form, the website would take them to a page with more questions. Those questions asked for more information about the house (like number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, garage, basement, pool, etc), financials (like how much they owe and how much they want for the house) and why they wanted to sell (to determine their level of motivation).

The beautiful thing about this split form system is that if the seller is overwhelmed by the number of questions (if they were all on the same page), they would just leave the website. With the simple form, they are more likely to fill out their information. Then, if they don't fill out the second form, I still have their contact information so that I can get in touch with them by phone or email.

How cool is that? Pretty darn cool if you ask me!

Just wanted to give you these tips that I've learned over all of these years generating thousands of leads online so that you can save yourself some time and energy and make better use of a real estate investor website.

The real estate investor websites that we provide at LeadPropeller.com include all of the things I've learned over the years to generate more and better leads online. You can even get a text message immediately as soon as a seller submits their information to your website (thereby making it possible for you to call them and likely prevent them from contacting any more investors!).

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